Work experiences

System Analytics

September 2011 - Present
ISDL at Falcuty of Science - Novi Sad, Serbia

Actively involved in the development of faculty information system. Develop secure, reliable and advanced business applications. The main subsystems of the information system of the Faculty of Science are: student affairs, accounting, human resources, self-evaluation, digital archive, accreditation subsystem, web portal, etc.The system is built using modern Java EE technologies, relational and NoSQL databases and Swing and AngularJS based client tiers.


AgroSens (2016-) - digital platform that provides support to farmers and agricultural companies in monitoring the growth of crops and planning of the agricultural activities. It was developed by BioSense Institute from Novi Sad and represents an important step in digitisation of agriculture and increase in efficiency and competitiveness of Serbian producers.
LandSense (2016-2017) - A Citizen Observatory and Innovation Marketplace for Land Use and Land Cover Monitoring. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 689812. It’s coordinated by IIASA and supported by 18 partner institutions from nine different European countries.
Smart-AKIS (2016) - Smart-AKIS is a project funded by the European Commission under H2020 programme. The project aims at setting up a self-sustainable Thematic Network on Smart Farming Technology designed for the effective exchange between research, industry, extension and the farming community in order to disseminate direct applicable research and commercial solutions and capture grassroots level needs and innovative ideas. Smart AKIS will collect existing knowledge related to SFTs and will produce easily accessible end-user material under the EIP-Agri common format.
SCOPES project No. IZ74Z0_160453/1 (2015-) - Developing Capacity for High-Productivity Large-Scale Computing - Head: Viktor Kuncak, EPFL and Srdjan Skrbic

Research group

SCORG (2012-) - Develop DSL which can create a specification of an information system. With specification in-place, we proceed to generate that system, all done using tools developed at EPFL and Stanford.


SCLIT 2017, Thessaloniki, Greece - Implementation of DSL for web development: Zeljko Bajic, Srdjan Skrbic, Jovana Vidakovic
ICIST 2016, Kopaonik - Serbia - DSL for web application development: Danijela Boberic Krsticev, Danijela Tesendic, Milan Jovic, Zeljko Bajic
SPLASH 2016 - Scala, Amsterdam - Netherlands - Towards a Scala embedded information system description DSL: Zeljko Bajic, Milan Jovic

Other certification

Summer School on DSL Design and Implementation (2015), Lausanne, Switzerland
UNS (2015), Novi Sad, Serbia - Teaching and Research for Academic Newcomers – Presentation and communication skills
UNS (2015), Novi Sad, Serbia - Teaching and Research for Academic Newcomers – Team work
MNG Center (2014), Belgrade, Serbia - "Kako da popunite pojedinačnu poresku prijavu"
MNG Center (2013), Belgrade, Serbia - "Registar zaposlenih"
IPC (2013), Belgrade, Serbia - "Elektronske prijave"

Skills & Proficiency

Angular & HTML



Programming languages : Java, Scala, Delphi, SQL, Modula-2
Database : Postgresql, PostGIS, H2, MySQL 4x, MySQL 5x, MaxDB, Oracle 9i, MongoDB
Web : HTML (4, 5), AngularJS, jquery, jquery mobile, bootstrap, XML, XHTML, Apache Web Server, JBoss Web Server (4, 5, 6, 8.x), Wildfly
Tools and libs : Jasper Reports 4x, Scala Slick, Jigloo GUI Builder, DBVisualizer, pqAdmin, MySQL Workbench, JFreeChart, JSoup, Apache Commons, zxing, Play framework, Scala Slick